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Dr Wayne Wong

$75,000 Leadership Gift

Supporting Refugee and Indigenous Medical Scholarships at Western Sydney University

I am a doctor specialised in medical diagnostic radiology/imaging, recently retired.

In the mid 1970’s, I immigrated to Australia from Hong Kong as a young doctor, and subsequently naturalised as an Australian. I received specialist training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and then moved to Sydney to live and work.

In the past 30+ years, I have worked in the public, private, and corporate health sectors, in metropolitan Sydney, and more extensively in Western Sydney and regional NSW. My first major location of work was Penrith

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"I have experienced, and I understand, the challenges facing this large and expanding Western Sydney community particularly with its multicultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

It is my commitment and my privilege to return, in a small but meaningful way, the opportunities and support I received from the Western Sydney community. "

- Dr Wayne Wong

Scholarship Projects

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Providing for our indigenous students.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Recognising academic excellence.

Equity Scholarships

Addressing disadvantage for our students.

Refugee Scholarships

Supporting students from a refugee background.

Scholarships (General)

Creating unlimited opportunities for talented and hardworking students.

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