Scholarships make an enormous difference to the lives of students at Western Sydney University.

They recognise academic excellence and enable disadvantaged students who would otherwise not be able to attend university to reach their potential.

Our students, like the people of Western Sydney, are passionate and determined to succeed.

The financial support students receive from scholarships helps them buy textbooks, pay rent, travel to and from campus, and allows them to undertake placements without being concerned about taking time off work. 

A scholarship shows a student that someone believes in them. Your support can truly change lives.

Scholarship Projects

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Supporting Indigenous student excellence and success.

High Potential Scholarships

Recognising academic excellence and leadership potential.

Equity Scholarships

Addressing disadvantage for our students.

Refugee Scholarships

 Supporting students from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds.

Scholarships (General)

Creating UNLIMITED opportunities for talented and hardworking students.

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"This scholarship has taken away all of my limitations and the barriers that would have prevented me from completing my course."

Santigie Tarawally 
Bachelor of Accounting, 2018 
Western Sydney University Refugee Scholarship

What are we raising money for?

Our Scholarship Fundraisers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

These scholarships support our Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are either commencing or continuing their tertiary education at the University, to help them reach their full potential.  

Western Sydney University has a high proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. These scholarships reward and support academic achievement and assist students from Indigenous Australian backgrounds – each with their own aspirations and dreams. There are few greater gifts than when you invest in a person’s future success.

High Potential Scholarships

These scholarships are designed for students who show exceptional promise within and beyond their academic achievements. Strong academic performance and excellence in extracurricular activities, sports, the arts, community service or leadership all hold the key to success.

Selection is based on outstanding academic ability, and demonstrated leadership and community service.

Equity Scholarships

Students at Western Sydney University are often more than just students – some hold down multiple jobs, many are raising families, while others are determined to beat the odds despite experiencing social and economic disadvantage.  

30% of our students work more than 20 hours a week, while studying and 65% of our students are the first in their family to attend university.

With over 31% of our 45,000 student body coming from low socio-economic backgrounds, many of our students struggle to afford the many essentials while studying. Our students are also often providing for their family networks, further straining their time and resources.  

Refugee Scholarships

Western Sydney University Refugee Scholarships are life changing. They help students from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds to access higher education, providing the financial assistance needed to help them complete their university studies and fully realise their ambitions.

These scholarships provide ongoing support to talented and hardworking students from a refugee background.

A scholarship can allow a student to buy a laptop, meaning they are able to study without needing to travel to campus to use the library computers. It can allow them to step back from full-time work and focus on their studies, or not have to choose between study or that extra midnight shift the week before exams. 

Our Fundraisers

"This scholarship has changed my life. My dream is to be become a teacher in remote NSW as I believe the biggest gift that a child can get is an education. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others learn. I couldn't believe how privileged I was to receive the education I did."

Matilda Harry 
Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary), Dean’s Scholars, 2017 
Western Sydney University Community Scholarship