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Rotary Club of Carlingford

$30,000 Leadership Gift

Supporting Indigenous Scholarships at Western Sydney University

The Rotary Club of Carlingford firmly believes in the power of education for making positive changes and ensuring cultural preservation. Our commitment to continue to donate fees for an indigenous nursing scholarship stems from our vocational commitment to foster inclusivity and to empower underrepresented indigenous communities. By supporting this scholarship our Club aims to bridge the educational gap and provide deserving indigenous students with access to nursing education from WSU.

"The Rotary Club of Carlingford is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of indigenous nursing professionals. Through this initiative, we aspire to honour indigenous wisdom, promote diversity within the nursing field and create a more equitable and enriched society for all."

Scholarship Projects

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Supporting Indigenous student excellence and success.

High Potential Scholarships

Recognising academic excellence and leadership potential.

Equity Scholarships

Addressing disadvantage for our students.

Refugee Scholarships

 Supporting students from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds.

Scholarships (General)

Creating UNLIMITED opportunities for talented and hardworking students.

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