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Goodridge Foundation

$180,000 Leadership Gift

Supporting Indigenous Scholarships for Nursing & Midwifery Students at Western Sydney University

The Goodridge Foundation supports a wide range of Charities including Westmead Children’s Hospital, Autism Spectrum Australia, Indigenous students in higher education and people in crisis. We feel extremely passionate about giving back to the community and helping others realise their potential. We are therefore excited to be able to support indigenous scholarships in Nursing for students at Western Sydney University and proud to announce our gift this year on Giving Day.

Scholarship Projects

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Providing for our indigenous students.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Recognising academic excellence.

Equity Scholarships

Addressing disadvantage for our students.

Refugee Scholarships

Supporting students from a refugee background.

Scholarships (General)

Creating unlimited opportunities for talented and hardworking students.

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Interested in how you can contribute?

Contact our team at