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Dr Mark Steglick

$125,000 Leadership Gift

Supporting Indigenous Scholarships at Western Sydney University

Over the past 7 years, the Steglick Family has endowed 3 scholarships at the University of Sydney and University of NSW. Dr Steglick is a graduate of both universities and a Masters and PhD graduate from Western Sydney University. The focus across all these scholarships is assisting Indigenous women in pursuing tertiary studies in the fields of health and education. Tertiary education is one way to overcome Indigenous disadvantage and our aspiration is that these scholarship recipients will be able to lead and inspire their community members to also pursue an education.

Scholarship Projects

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Supporting Indigenous student excellence and success.

High Potential Scholarships

Recognising academic excellence and leadership potential.

Equity Scholarships

Addressing disadvantage for our students.

Refugee Scholarships

 Supporting students from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds.

Scholarships (General)

Creating UNLIMITED opportunities for talented and hardworking students.

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